7 Rounds
30 Seconds Taps
10 Alternating Lunges
5 Dumbbell Push Press Right
5 Dumbbell Push Press Left

Idea weight for Men: 25-35# Dumbbell/KB
Idea weight for Women: 10-20# Dumbbell/KB

Score: Total Time

Goal: Under 14 Min

For the taps you may use your dumbbell or anything else just slightly out in front of you on the floor.  It is basically like a tap with the right toe, then the left (old school soccer ball drill).  You may do this as fast or as slow as you are comfortable.  Move through the whole 30 seconds each time.

For the lunges you may do them forward, reverse, or even walking!  You want to take a long enough step that the front heel is down when the back knee gently touches the ground.  Alternate legs with each step.  So your set of 10 ends up being 5 per side.

You may use assistance for balance if necessary!  Don't allow the front knee to cave in. Stand up all of the way between reps.

For the push press you will start with a dumbbell at the right shoulder.  You will perform a small dip keeping the heels down and chest up.  Stand up hard and fast.  Finish with the legs and then press to lock out getting the bicep by the ear.

You will do 5 reps on the right side and then 5 reps on the left!

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