This workout was originally posted on 08/08/2018!  This is your chance to see if you have improved and also earn a point if you are part of the Challenge!

15 Min AMRAP
As Many Rounds and Reps as Possible in 15 Min!

10 Step Ups
10 Lunges
10 KB/DB Swings

Idea weight for Men: 35-50#
Idea weight for Women: 12-24#

Score: Total number of completed rounds + any additional reps.

Goal: 5 Rounds +

For this workout you will do 10 step ups - alternating feet (5 per side).  Then 10 lunges alternating feet (5 per side).  Then 10 KB/DB Swings.  Keep rotating through that as many times as you can in 15 min.

For the step ups, find a height that is challenging but you are comfortable with and will allow you to keep moving.  Step your whole foot on the box/bench/whatever.  Make sure the knee doesn't cave in.  Stand all of the way up at the top.  Alternate feet with each step.

For the lunges ideally you will touch your back knee to the ground.  You will want to take a wide enough step that the front heel stays grounded.  Don't allow the knee to cave in.  If you've got space - make these walking lunges!  If not you may do either backward or forward stepping.

If you need to you can hold onto a chair/pole or something for stability.  If you are unable to get the back knee to the ground - don't worry.  Just go as low as your body will allow pain free!

For the swings you will hold either the kb or a single dumbbell in both hands.  Feet are about shoulder width apart.  Heels are down.  You will keep the arms long and hinge forward at the hips.  Bend the knees slightly.  Keep the chest up and belly tight.  From here you will stand hard and fast!  Allow the kb or db to swing out and away from the momentum created by the legs and hips.  Bring the object to about eye level - guided up by the arms.  Allow gravity to bring it back down but keep the back flat and chest UP!  No rounding of the back!  Keep those heels down!