4 Rounds
10 Lunges
20 Press
10 Lunges

Rest 1 Min

Idea weight for Men: 35-50# Press

Idea weight for Women: 15-25# Press

(This could be a kb, single dumbbell, 2 dumbbells combined weight, or even a barbell)

Score: Total Time (including rest)

Goal: 12-15 Min or less

For this workout you will complete 10 non weighted lunges.  Then you will complete 20 push press (overhead press using assistance from the legs/hips).  Then 10 more lunges.

After that you will rest 1 min.

Complete that whole thing 4 times.

The lunges are alternating legs.  So for each set of 10 you will end up doing 5 on the right leg and 5 on the left.  You may perform walking, forward stepping, or reverse stepping lunges.

For these lunges we would love to see your back knee touch with the front heel still down and torso upright.  Do NOT crash all of the way to the ground.  Lower under control.  You may use assistance from a chair/wall/etc if you need to.  If you are unable to go all of the way down you may shorten the movement or you may even sub step ups.

If you are feeling extra froggy and want to hold your weight for the lunges - go for it!

For the push press you will hold the weight you are using at your chest/shoulder(s).  You will have your feet under your hips.  Dip down keeping the chest up and heels down.  Don't allow the knees to dip in.  Just a shallow short dip is all you need.  Stand hard and fast and use the momentum created by the legs to help you drive the weight over your head.

Each rep finishes with the weight over your head.  Elbows locked out.  Legs locked.  Butt squeezed.  Belly tight!

Lower back to the shoulder/chest for the next rep.