OLY 8.26.18

1 Push Press + 2 Jerks (7 x 3 of the complex (1 Push Press + 2 Jerks))

Perform 1 Push Press
2 Jerks
As a complex

For this you will perform the 3 reps as a complex.  1 Push Press + 2 Jerks.

For the push press you will start with the bar on the shoulders with the elbows slightly in front.  The belly should be tight.  Feet under the hips and weight in the heels.

You perform a short dip by bending the knees and sitting the but back SLIGHTLY but not allowing the chest to come forward.  This dip is short.  Just 2-3".

From this dip position you will drive the power from the legs into the bar to pop it off of the shoulders.  Move the face out of the way and press the bar UP to lockout.  Avoid leaning back as you press.  Keep the belly tight!  Finish with the bar locked out over the middle of the body.

When you lower the bar move the face out of the way and bring the elbows back down in front of the bar.

If you are comfortable you can take that lowering right into the next dip (for the first jerk) or you can lower it (ABSORB WITH THE KNEES) and stand and re-set.

The jerk is the same as the push press EXCEPT - instead of pushing the bar UP out of the dip - push YOURSELF down!

You will then catch the bar overhead in a partial squat - locked out with the bar over the middle of the body.  Stand to finish the lift.

You can also catch in a split jerk.  If you do this make sure the front heel is down and back knee is bent!

Push Jerk (EMOM 5 MIN - 5 REPS)

Every minute on the minute perform 5 reps of a push jerk.

Same as the above - it's a dip, drive, press under, stand.

Make sure that when you lower the bar you absorb with the knees!

MIranda AlcarazOLY