BUTTS & GUTS 8.26.18

1 - 10
Good Morning
Back Squat

Rest 3 Min

10 - 1
Good Morning
Back Squat

Men: Try around 75-95#+
Women: Try around 45-65# +

Not really for time, but get as far as you can unbroken each time.

So for the first part you will do 1 Good Morning then 1 Back Squat.  2 Good Mornings, then 2 Back Squats...and so on - all the way until 10-10.

The goal is to try to get through as much as you can, if not the whole thing unbroken.  So going super heavy on this and breaking it up a ton is doing it wrong.

After you get up to 10, rest 3 min....then start to work your way back down.

For the Good Mornings you will have the bar on your back.  For ease of transition for this little complex, you may place your feet in the squat stance (shoulder width apart).  You will hinge at the hip and reach the butt back as the chest comes forward.  Allow a SLIGHT bend in the knee.  Goal is to get to 90 degrees if flexibility in the hamstrings allows for it (do not go that far if your back starts to round).  Squeeze the cheeks to stand up.

For the back squat you will reach the butt back and down.  Maintain a good position in the midline by bracing the belly and keeping the chest up.  Drive the knees out, heels down and get the butt below the knees at the bottom.  Stand all of the way up to finish.

Metcon (Weight)

4 Rounds
10 Single Leg DL with Knee Up Right
10 Single Leg DL with Knee Up Left
20 Plank Dumbbell Crossover + Raise (10 Each Side Alternating)
20 Second Weighted Hollow Hold

Score is weight used for Single Leg DL.

This is not for time.

Try around a 10-20lb DB for the Plank Crossovers!

For the single leg deadlifts you will work to not touch the ground with your foot between.  Find your balance as you stand and bring the knee up at the top of each rep.  You will do all 10 on one side, then all 10 on the other.

For the Plank Dumbbell Crossover Raise.  You will place the dumbbells back between your hips and knees while in the plank position (on your hands like the top of a push up).

For one rep you will reach down and grab the dumbbell from the opposite side.  Bring that dumbbell up and raise it in front of you.  Then place it back where it started.  You will alternate sides for each rep.

For the hollow hold you will place a weight on your feet. Try anything from 2.5 to 15-20 #.  Press your back against the ground by drawing the belly in and raising the legs.  Bend the knees slightly if necessary.