MONDAY 8.27.18

10 Rounds

6 Push Up + Renegade Row
12 Back Squats

RX Men: 40# Dumbbells / 115# Back Squat
RX Women: 25# Dumbbells / 75# Back Squat

RX + Men: 50# Dumbbells / 135# + Back Squats
RX + Women: 35# Dumbbells / 95# + Back Squats

Score: Total Time

Goal: Under 25 Min

Cut off: 25 Min


10 Rounds

6 Push Up + Renegade Row
12 DB  Squats

RX Men: 40# Dumbbells
RX Women: 25# Dumbbells

RX + Men: 50# Dumbbells
RX + Women: 35# Dumbbells

This one is a DOOZY and we want you to choose the appropriate weight and scales so you actually have a cut off time.  You are NOT allowed to go over 25 min!

For the record we are of the school of thought that we would WAY rather have you finish this with a lighter weight and modifications than only get 7 rounds in 25 Min.

For the Push Up + Renegade Rows your hands will be on the dumbbells.  You will be in the top of the push up position.  Lower your body in a plank/solid position to until the chest and thighs touch the ground.  Press up to lock out at the top maintaining that solid position.

From here you will pull the dumbbell in your right hand UP to your rib cage.  Do this by keeping the hips as square as possible (avoid rotating) and pull the elbow BACK!  Lower that dumbbell to the ground and repeat with the left hand.

ALL of that = 1 rep. You will go through that 6 times per round.

If you need to  you may absolutely go to your knees.

If you don't have the dumbbells you need for this movement - you may sub a bent over row with your barbell.

For the back squat the bar will be on your back.  You may clean and jerk it from the ground or take it from a rack.

Your feet will be roughly shoulder width apart.  You will reach the butt back and down with the weight in your heels.  Keep your belly tight and chest up.  Drive your knees out.

Maintaining a good position - get your butt lower than your knees.  No plopping or rounding.  If you are unable to get this low with the weight you have chosen - keeping good positions - lower the weight! We  would rather have you go all of the way down than go heavy.

From the bottom position - dig your heels into the ground, drive your knees out, and your chest up as you stand fully.