SOGO 8.19.18

3 - 5 Rounds
Not for Time

DB Side Lateral Raise Drop Set
-Heavy (10-15 reps)
-Medium (10-15 reps)
-Light (10-15 reps)

Single Arm DB Row
15 Reps Per Side

Supine Bar or Ring Row
15 Reps

DB Shrugs
15 Reps

Rest about a minute between exercises (drop sets=no rest).

Put weight that you used for heaviest drop set for your score - other weights in comments.

For the DB Side laeral raises - start with a weight that you can only do 10-15 reps with before you fail.  Then immediately grab a set of dumbbells that are lighter to allow you to get 10-15 more reps.  Then drop those and go even lighter for the final 10-15 reps.

Keep the elbow slightly bent and above the hand.  Pull the shoulder blades back.  Only raise so high as you feel strong and stable.  Control the lower.

For the single arm dumbbell row. you may do these free standing or leaning against something like a bench or even the wall for support.  Pull the elbow back and the DB to your rib cage.

The more parallel your body is to the ground for the supine row, the more difficult it becomes.  You may do these on a bar set up in the squat rack - probably wrap some bands or something if you do that - or with the rings.  If you need more of a challenge you can add a slow lower.

Shrugs are as simple as it gets!  Hold the DBs at your sides and shrug straight up.  Go heavy.