For Time + Weight

14 Rounds
8 Burpee Box Jumps
1 Heavy Clean

RX Men: 24" Box
RX Women: 20" Box

(Post weight you chose for clean below)

Goal here is TIME and WEIGHT!

For the burpee box jumps.  These are to be FACING the box - not lateral.  You will get your chest and thighs to the ground.  Jump or step in.  Jump onto the box or whatever you are using for your "box".

You may sub step ups if necessary.  You should lower the weight to something you can actually jump on if necessary before going to step ups though.

If you don't have something you can jump ON you may sub something to jump over!

For the Clean -


Not your 1 rep obviously, but if you know what your 1 rep is - choose something over 70-75% of that for this workout.

These will be full cleans - but if that is new for you - you may do a power clean into a front squat.

You wil pull the bar from the ground, keeping the back flat and chest up.  Drive through the heels.  Keep the bar close.  Extend the hips and knees like you are trying JUMP.  Shrug with straight arms and then - keep the bar close - but pull YOURSELF under the bar - catching in a front squat position.

Bar should land on the shoulders with a loose finger tip grip and elbows high.  Heels down, knees out, chest up.  Stand to finish the rep!

Take a few seconds between the burpee box jumps before you go for the clean!  Go heavy!

Thank you for celebrating with us!

KNOX (weight) (Weight)

Clean weight used for KNOX workout


For Time

14 Rounds
8 Burpee Box Jumps
8 DB Hang Squat Cleans

RX Men: 40-50# DBs
RX Women: 25-35# DBs