POWER 7.29.18

Back Rack Reverse Lunge (6 x 6 (3 + 3))

Barbell on the Back - Backwards Stepping Lunge

For this you will have the barbell on the back in the same position it would be for a back squat.

You will do 3 reps on one side and then 3 reps on the other.

You will perform these lunges as a REVERSE LUNGE so stepping backwards.

You want to focus on a few things.  Keep the front heel DOWN.  Take a far back enough step that when your back knee touches you can keep that front heel donw and that the knee doesn't cave in.  Keep the torso upright.  And finally do not CRASH down.  Show control and KISS the ground with the back knee.

Come all of the way back up to standing with feet together between reps.

Complete all 3 on one side and then 3 on the other.

The goal is to go heavy as long as you can control the down and keep good positions.  You may have one side that is much stronger than the other.

Do these as one big set though - so no re-racking until you have done 3 on each side.

Rest 2-3 Min between sets.

Metcon (AMRAP - Reps)

3 Min AMRAP -
Odd Object Ground to Shoulder

Rest 3 Min

3 Min AMRAP-
Odd Object Ground to Shoulder

This could be - Sandbag, DBall, Tire Flip, Bag of Dog Food - whatever you have

Score is total reps - put in comments what you did!

Choose something that you can get at least 5 per min - but not more than around 10-15.

Sub if you don't have an odd object - 15 Deadlift with drop from the top - reset  at bottom each time at a weight that is moderately heavy for you.

If you do this sub your score should be 30 and just put what weight you used in comments.

MIranda AlcarazPower