15 Min AMRAP
8 Push Up + Shoulder Taps
20 Skip Overs

No weight needed for this one!

Score: Total number of completed round + any additional reps.  (Each Push up + tap + tap = 1 rep)

Goal: 7 Rounds+

For this workout you will do 8 reps of a push up + (in a plank position) tap left shoulder with right hand + tap right shoulder with left hand.

After 8 of those - you will stand up and do 20 skip overs.  Here you will have a very small object to jump over or even a chalk line on the ground will work.

For the push ups you will do them from the feet, from the knees, or even elevated with your hands on a box.  Keep the belly tight.  No sagging hips or snaking.

When you are doing the taps - same thing.  No sagging hips!  We also don't want to see the hips up too high either.  Work to keep the belly tight and be in a solid plank position.

You may also sub the skip overs for 30 seconds on a bike or rower!