As Many Reps as Possible in 8 Min

2 Press
2 Lunge (Alternating)
4 Press
4 Lunge (Alternating)
6 Press
6 Lunge (Alternating)
8 Press
8 Lunge (Alternating)

Keep adding 2 reps per movement per round until the clock hits 8 min

Idea Weight for Men: Press with 2 dumbbells 20-30# Dumbbells or single KB around 35-50#

Idea Weight for Women: Press with 2 dumbbells 10-20# Dumbbells or single KB 12-24#

Score: Total reps all added up at the end!

Goal: Use a weight that will allow you to keep moving!  Goal is to get up to the 9s +!

So the way this will work - you will hold either one kettlebell with both hands or a dumbbell in each hand. You will press the dumbbells or kb straight from the shoulders to a locked out position overhead!  Get those biceps by the ears and keep the belly tight.

Before the lunges you will put the kettlebell or dumbbells down.

For the lunges you may step forward or backward.  You will alternate legs with each lunge.  So for the set of 2 you will do right + left.  And for the set of 4 you will do right + left + right + left.

Ideally we would love to have the back knee touch for these lunges.  Make sure you take a wide enough step forward that you can keep the front heel down when the back knee touches.  Do not slam or plop to the ground.  Make sure you control the lower.  Keep the chest lifted and stand up completely between reps.

If you are unable to go all of the way down - you may first try assisted - by holding the back of a chair or the wall/a box.  OR you may shorten the range of motion.  OR if a step up feels better and works better for you - you may do alternating step ups!

If you are feeling great and strong and will be able to keep moving, you may hold the weight during the lunges as well!