For Time

4 Rounds
15 No Push Up Burpee
30 Hang DB Snatch Alternating
30 DB Bent Over Rows

Idea Weight for Men: 20-30# DBs
Idea Weight for Women: 10-20# DBs

Goal: 20 Min or Less!

Please use a 25 Min Cap

For this workout if you don't have a matching set of dumbbells - even if you only have one KB - see below.

For the no push up burpees - it is just that.  You will step  or jump your feet back with your hands on the ground.  Keep the belly tight and don't allow your hips to sink down!  Step or jump your feet back in and jump off of the ground with hands over head!

You may scale to elevated no push up burpees if necessary!

For the Alternating Hang Dumbbell Snatch you will only use one dumbbell.  You will hold it at the waist.  From here you will bend the knees slightly - keeping the heels down.  Dip the chest forward slightly but keep the back flat.  Arm stays straight.  Stand up hard and fast - pop the elbow out to the side and then punch the sky with the working arm.  Movement finishes with the bicep by the ear.  From here you will lower the weight back do the waist and switch hands.  For the set of 30 you will alternate - which means you end up doing 15 per side!

If you only have a single KB you may choose to do that same movement with the KB.  You may also choose to do single arm KB swings to eye level.

For the bent over rows you will have a dumbbell in each hand.  Feet should be more narrow (under your hips) with the weight in the heels.  Allow a slight bend in the knee and hinge forward slightly at the hips.  Lift the chest and let the arms hang straight - but with the shoulders actively pulled back.  Pull the elbows BACK (not out) to bring the dumbbells to your rib cage.  Lower back down until the arms are straight.  Do both hands at the same time.

If you don't have matching dumbbells for this one you may sub an upright row with the kb!