SHIFT 7.23.18

4 Rounds
1 Min Taps (or Jog/Bike/Row)
20 Hang Power Clean with KB or DBs
1 Min Taps (or Jog/Bike/Row)

Rest 1 Min between Rounds

Idea Weight for Men: 35-50# KB or 2 x 25# DBs

Idea Weight for Women: 12-24# KB or 2 x 10# DBs

Score: Total Time including Rest

Goal: Each Round around 3:30  or less! (This basically comes down to the cleans only)

For this you can choose whatever you want for the 1 min part!  If you have a bike or rower and want to use it - go for it!  If you are comfortable running and have the space - do it!  Up to you!

The pace you go for the one minute should be uncomfortable but sustainable for the minute!

For the hang power cleans you may use a single kettlebell or 2 dumbbells.  You will start with it/them at your waist.  Dip slightly by bending the knees and allowing the chest to come forward.  Keep the arms long and straight.  Stand up hard and fast - shrug the shoulders - and use the power from the legs and the shoulder shrug to POP the weight up!

If you are using the KB your hands will rotate around the handle and you will bring it to your chest.  If you are using the dumbbells you will guide them up by shooting your elbows around fast and bringing them to your shoulders!