6 Rounds for Max Reps

Each Round is:

1 Min Sit Ups
1 Min Burpees

No weight needed!

Pregnant/Postpartum sub for sit ups: Slam balls or KB Swings!

Score: Total number of reps for both movements combined at the end.

Goal: 130 Reps or more

Pretty simple!

When the clock starts - you go for 1 minute doing as many sit ups as possible!  The goal is for the shoulders to touch the ground at the bottom with the hands touching the ground behind you - come up and touch the toes at the top!

We would love to see you go full range of motion on these if at all possible.  Even if you need to use a little assistance!  You can do this by pulling yourself up through the sticky part with a band and lowering yourself slowly under control!

Pregnant and Postpartum mamas - you may sub slam balls or swings.  If you choose swings keep the number to about 15 or so per round.

For the burpees you can pick your style!  Find something that challenges you but allows you to get 7-10 or more reps per round!