Every Minute on the Minute for 15 Min

3 Front Squats
3 Jerks

RX Men: 115# - 135#
RX Women: 75# - 95#

RX + Men: 155# +
RX + Women: 105# +

Score: Weight used (if you end up changing weight use the heaviest weight successfully used)

Goal: Choose a weight that's challenging and go up between rounds if it's too easy!!


Death by:

Front Squat + Jerk

Min 1: 1 DBFront Squat + 1 Jerk
Min 2: 2 DB Front Squat + 2 Jerk
Min 3: 3 DB Front Squat + 3 Jerk
Min 4: 4 DB Front Squat + 4 Jerk

Keep going until you can't.

RX Men: 40# Dumbbells
RX Women: 25# Dumbbells

RX + Men: 50# Dumbbells +
RX + Women: 35# Dumbbells +


Goal: Choose a weight that will allow you to complete at least 7-8 minutes but not more than 12 or so.


In 20 min - find your heaviest complex:

3 Front Squats
3 Jerks

RX Men:  Start with 45# and add 10# per set.
RX Women: Start with 35# and add 5# each time.

RX + Men: Start with 45# and add 20# per set.
RX + Women: Start with 35# and add 10# per set.

Score: Heaviest successful complex.

Goal: Go for the GOLD!  If you don't think you can get to at least 135# for Men and 85# for women do Program B version instead to get more working sets!

So for this version you should start with a weight that is challenging for you and stick with it - or go up if it's turning out to be too easy.  The idea is to make each minute and each set difficult.

For most of us the jerks will be harder than the front squats - especially when the legs are fatigued.

You may use a rack or take the bar from the ground.

For the front squats you will have the bar on the shoulders with a loose fingertip grip and the elbows high to create a shelf on the shoulder.  Feet should be shoulder width apart with the weight in the heels.  Tighten the belly and lift the chest before initiating the squat.  Reach the butt back and down.  Keep lifting the chest and reach the knees OUT while keeping the heels down.  Fight to keep the chest and elbows UP!  There should be no plopping or rounding of the back.  Keep the weight in the heels!  Get the butt lower than the knees at the bottom.  To stand think of leading with the chest and elbows as you keep the knees out and heels down.

After the 3rd front squat you will perform 3 jerks.  If you need to eventually go to a split jerk for any of these reps - that is fine.

For the jerk you will want to lower the elbows slightly, but keep them in front.  You will want a more full grip on the bar and will bring the feet in under the hips.  Keep the belly tight and chest lifted.

You will perform a dip by sitting the hips down, allowing the knees to come forward, keeping the chest up and heels down!  The dip is shallow.  Once you hit the bottom of the dip you will stand hard and fast to drive the power from your legs into the bar.  As you press the bar up - push YOURSELF down underneath it into a partial squat position with the bar locked out over head.  Stand to complete.

For sets to count we would like to see them unbroken and definitely need to be within the minute.