MONDAY 7.2.18

Every 2 Min for 30 Min Complete:

5 Deadlifts
3 Squat Cleans


RX Men: 155
RX Women: 95

RX Plus Men: 185
RX Plus Women: 125


For Total Time:

15 Rounds:
Each Round Must Be Unbroken:
7 Dumbbell Deadlifts
3 Dumbbell Hang Squat Cleans
Rest as needed to go unbroken each time.

Score is total time!

RX Men: 50-60# DB
RX Women: 30-40# DB

RX Plus Men: 70#+ DB
RX Plus Women: 45#+ DB

The weight you choose for this is going to be VERY individual, so don't worry too too much about RX or not.

This workout is one that I did a long time ago at NorCal and the weight I used that day was about 70-75% of my 1 RM and to this day it was one of the most "memorable" workouts I've done.

It is a lot of reps, so I would say start lighter than you think.  If at 10 rounds in you feel like you want to go up - then go for it.

If you are new to these movements you have a few choices.  You can keep the weight super light and just focus on form.  That would be great.

OR - you can do the 5 deadlifts and maybe only 1 clean.  Or 5 deadlifts and 1 power clean + 3 front squats.

All of those would be great options.

If your form starts to break down on any of it though, lower the weight.  No prizes to be won, just trying to get a great workout!

For the deadlifts - the goal would be to do all 5 - touch and go.  Keep the back flat and heels down!

After the deadlifts you may drop the bar and take a second.  Cleans can be in singles if necessary - but make sure you are getting a solid 45 seconds of rest at least each time after the cleans - before the next round.

For the cleans, they will all be taken from the ground and caught in a full squat.  Make sure the bar is landing on the shoulders with the chest and elbows up.  Drive the knees out and the heels down!

Lastly - warm up WELL for this workout with lighter weights and warming up the low back with some good mornings either with the bar or a band, and loosen the hips!