15 Min AMRAP
(As Many Rounds and Reps as Possible in 15 Min)

5 Dips
7 Ring or Single Arm DB/KB Rows
10 Step Ups

Weight for Upright Rows:

Men: 35-50#

Women: 12-24#

Use what you have!

Goal: 8 Rounds or more!

For this workout you will choose a method for each of these movements that will allow you to keep moving pretty good!  You should never be doing singles!

For the dips you can do assisted dips on rings/TRX Bands or even a stationary dip station.  You do this by leaving the feet on the ground and using one leg or a little hop to help you press out.  ONLY use as much assistance from the legs as you need!  You may also choose to do ring or TRX band push ups from the knees.

Other options for the dips are off a bench or box or in between 2 boxes.

The goal - no matter what option you choose is to get the shoulder lower than the elbow at the bottom.  Make sure the elbows go BACK and not out!  Then press to lock out completely at the top!

For the rows you will choose an angle from the ground that is difficult for you!  You can do ring, trx, or even rows with a bar set in the rack!

Start with arms completely straight at the bottom and come up and try to touch your chest at the top!

If you don't have a way to do body rows - you may sub single arm db or kb rows.  You do this by holding a dumbbell or KB in one hand.  You can lean against a wall or bench.  You will start with a straight arm and pull the elbow back until the weight is up at the chest.  Then straighten to lower.  You will do 7 per side.  Do all 7 on one side then all 7 on the other.

For the step ups choose a height that is challenging but manageable for you!  Make sure your WHOLE FOOT is on the step and don't allow the working knee to cave in!  You will alternate feet with each step.  So it ends up being 5 per side each set.