10 Rounds

3 Inchworms
10 Step Ups (alternating)

Score: Total Time

Goal: Under 15 Min or so

No equipment needed for this one!

For the inchworm you will start in a standing position!  You will hinge at the hips and knees and place your hands down on the ground right in front of your feet.  From here you will leave the feet where they are and walk the hands out to the top of a push up position.  Once you are there you may either perform a regular push up OR you may lower to the knees to do the push up.  After the push up you will walk your hands back in to your feet and then stand to complete that rep.

If you are unable to do a push up - even on the knees for injury or other reasons - you may take it out.

For the step ups you will do 10 total per round.  You will alternate feet with each step up so that you end up doing 5 per leg per round.

FInd a height that challenges you to step up on, but that is safe and allows you to drive off of your heel and not use assitance with the hands - unless for stability only.

You may use a step, a bench, a box, a stack of plates, anything you can find that works.

Guys height should be roughly 18-20"

Girls would love to see 14-16"

Go higher of course if you are comfortable but those are good goals to shoot for otherwise!

Good luck!