POWER 6.24.18

Clean + Hang Clean + Front Squat (7 x 3 (3=clean+hang clean+front squat))

To be performed as a complex without breaking.

For this complex you will hold onto the bar for all 3 reps without breaking.  Both cleans are meant to be full cleans which means you will perform them as a squat clean and land in that squat position.

The first clean will start with the bar on the ground.  Feet are about under the hips with the heels down.  The bar is close to the body hands are outside of the legs.  Knees are bent and there is a hinge at the hip so that the chest is just slightly over the bar.  Arms are straight.  Chest is up, belly tight and back is flat!

To pull the bar from the ground you will drive the heels into the ground as you lift your chest.  Pull the bar back into the body and keep the arms straight.  Once past the knees you will want to increase speed until you eventually stand up hard and fast / jump with the bar as you fully extend the hips and the knees.  Arms are still straight.  Pass the hip and knee extension off to a shoulder shrug to continue to elevate the bar.  NOW you may bend the elbows.  They will go high and outside pull the bar UP the body as you pull yourself down and keeping it CLOSE to you.  The arms are pulling YOU under.  Your elbows will come around and through FAST so that the bar lands on the shoulders with the elbows high in a good front squat position.  This means, feet are now shoulder width apart.  Heels down, knees out, chest up, no roundness in the lower or upper back, butt below the knee, bar on the shoulders with the elbows high.  Stand to complete the rep with the bar still on the shoulder.

Lower the bar to the waist (top of the deadlift). This is where you will start the hang clean.  Dip the chest forward slightly.  Bend the knees slightly.  Keep the heels down, arms straight, back flat and pull the bar into the body as it slides down the thigh.  From here perform the clean the same as the previous rep - jump-shrug-pull under - stand.

After that rep you will perform an additional front squat.

Clean (5 x 5 (as an EMOM))


If you are comfortable with the squat clean - do them as full squat cleans.  If you would like to work power cleans that is ok too.

Put which you did in comments!

MIranda AlcarazPower