5 Rounds
1 Min Goblet Squats
1 Min Seated Press
1 Min Burpee
1 Min Rest

Score: Total combined reps

Idea weight for Men: Single 35-50# Dumbbell or KB
Idea weight for Women: Single 10-30# Dumbbell or KB

Goal: Move the whole time!

So the way this will work is you will do 1 full minute of squats and get as many reps as you can.  Then you will do 1 full minute of presses, then 1 full minute of burpees.  Then you will rest 1 min and do that whole thing again until you have completed 5 total rounds. You will keep count of how many TOTAL reps you do in the whole workout as your score.

For the goblet squat you will hold the dumbbell or kb at the chest.  Reach the butt back and down.  Keep the heels down and drive the knees out.  Keep the chest up and do not plop at the bottom!  No rounding of the back!  Ideally you will get the butt below the knees at the bottom.  Keep those knees out and the chest up.  Stand all of the way up by driving through your heels and squeezing the cheeks!

If you are unable to go that low and keep good form, first choice is to not use any weight.  If its not the weight, but a mobility or past injury issue - keep using the weight and go to a target that is not quite as low.  You may even do squats using assistance if you need to!

For the press you will simply press from the chest position to lock out!  Keep the belly tight and press all of the way up until the elbows are locked.

The burpees may be done as regular burpees, step in and out/knee push up burpees, no push up burpees, or even elevated burpees!

Good luck!