Technique - Hand Stand Push Up

We have some handstand push ups as an option in a workout coming up later this week! Give this progression a try!

These steps might take you a day or a year. Work through them at your own pace and own level.

Step 1 - Pike HSPU from the knees.

The press should be vertical and head and hands should be in tripod position at the bottom with butt in the air.

Step 2 - Pike HSPU with feet on the box. Same idea as on knees but now you are pressing more of your body weight. BUTT IN THE AIR and press your body UP! Head comes through the arms at the top.

This position is tough if you have tight shoulders or hamstrings FYI. Allow a slight bend in the knees if necessary.

Step 3 - Practice shifting weight to locked out elbows and shoulders before kicking all the way up. Make sure you're not too close to the wall.

When you're ready to kick all the way up, tuck the chin and look at opposite wall, not down at the ground. Squeeze your butt and pull rib cage in!!

Step 4 - Practice lowering into the tripod position SLOWLY. At the bottom, head is closer to the wall than hands.

Step 5 - From the tripod position, bring knees all the way down to elbows. Kick feet somewhat out and back around to the wall. The sequence must be kick-then immediately press.

If you don't kick out and around slightly you will end up driving your feet into the wall before you are able to lock your arms and it will stop your ability to press.

Step 6 - Smaller - faster kip. Once you have developed the timing of Step 5 slowly - Speed it up! From there, if your upper body strength is good or if the workout has smaller sets - you may choose to speed up the kip!

TechniqueNathan Lundie