16 Min AMRAP
(As Many Rounds and Reps as Possible in 16 Min)

7 Hang DB/KB Snatch Right
7 Hang DB/KB Snatch Left
7 Sit Ups
14 Mountain Climbers

Idea weight for Men: 20-35# DB/KB

Idea weight for Women: 10-20# DB/KB

Score: Total Completed Rounds + any additional reps

Goal: 7 Rounds or more!

For this workout you will do 7 hang dumbbell snatch right- then 7 left- then 7 sit ups (or sub) - then 14 mountain climbers.  Repeat as many times as you can in 16 min!

For the hang dumbbell snatch the dumbbell will start at the hips.  Feet under the shoulders with the heels down.  Hinge forward at the hips, but keep the chest lifted and belly tight.  Bend the knees slightly.  Pull the dumbbell back between the legs slightly.  Keep the arm straight.

Stand up fast.  Shrug working shoulder.  Pull elbow back and outside to keep it close to the body.  Finish by punching it UP!  Finish standing tall with the bicep by the ear.

After 7 of these - switch hands.

For the sit ups we would like to see you touch the ground behind you at the bottom.  Touch your toes at the top.  You can do whatever you want with your feet.  Butterfly, flat on the ground, or even straight out.  If you need to use assistance to come all of the way up - do that!

If you are not able to do sit ups at this time - because you are pregnant/postpartum etc.  Some great sit up subs are slam balls and eye level kb swings!

For the mountain climbers - you will start at the top of a push up/plank position.  Keep the belly tight!  No sagging.  Bring one knee up to the chest/armpit as high as you can!  Keep the butt down!  Then put it back and switch legs!

Each time a knee comes up = 1 rep.  You can even sub elevated mountain climbers for this!