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16 Min AMRAP

As Many Rounds and Reps as Possible in 16 Min

20 Mountain Climbers
10 KB/DB Swings
10 Plate Hops/Step Ups

Idea weight for Men: 30-40# KB or DB
RX Women: 12-25# KB or DB

Score: Total Completed Rounds and Reps

Goal: Getting a workout in the day after Christmas


For the Mountain Climber / Double Under - you get to choose!  You can also do dumbbell hop overs or even double rep singles if you want.

If you choose Mountain Climbers you will start in a plank/top of push up position.  You will bring one knee up to your chest/armpit - then back down and switch.  Each time a knee comes up it counts as one rep.  So for your set of 20 you end up doing 10 per side.

You may move slowly through these or even do these elevated if necessary.

For the KB/DB Swing you will hold your weight with both hands.  You will deadlift the weight up to the hips - between the legs.  Hinge forward at the hips but keep the chest lifted.  Keep the heels down and bend the knees slightly - pull the weight back between the legs with straight arms.  Stand up hard and fast driving through the heels.  The weight will become weightless.  Keep the belly tight and heels down and guide the weight to eye level.

Gravity to bring the weight back down.  Keep the chest up, belly tight and heels down as you pull the weight back between the legs to start the next rep.

For the plate hops you will find something that you are comfortable hopping onto if possible!  This can be something that's only a few inches!

If you are unable to jump you may sub step ups at a little bit higher height.  Think 12-20" for those.

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