SOGO 11.18.18

Metcon (AMRAP - Reps)

Part 1 -

3-5 Rounds
Max Strict Chin Ups
Max Banded Chin Ups

Rest 3 Min Between RoundsIf you are unable to do strict chin ups - no problem.  Scale to 5 Sets of 7 jump and slow lower chin ups.

Even if you can only get like 2-3 strict chin ups per round.  Still do that part.

Choose a band that helps, but not TOO much.  We don't want you getting more than like 10-12 more reps with the band each time.

If you don't have a band you can do the strict chin ups and then a set of kipping regular pull ups OR you can do rows to failure.

Metcon (AMRAP - Reps)

Part 2-

3-5 Rounds
Max Strict Dips
Max Skull Crushers

Rest 3 Min between roundsYou can do the dips on a stationary dip station or on the rings.  If you have neither you can try setting up 2 boxes, chairs, your counter tops -whatever.

If you are unable to do any strict dips.  You may sub 5 rounds of 7 jump and slow lower, followed by the max skull crushers.

Choose a weight for the skull crushers that won't allow you to get more than 10-15 reps after the dips.  So light, but not insanely light.

For the dips, make sure you get the shoulder below the elbow at the bottom and complete lockout at the top!

Metcon (AMRAP - Reps)

Part 3-

Tabata Strict Press

4 Minutes of
20 Seconds ON
10 Seconds OFF

Barbell Strict Press

Score is total reps.

Rest or OFF portion is at the top locked out!Do this with an EMPTY bar!  If you don't have a barbell you may use dumbbells but go SUPER light.

Bar starts on the shoulder.  When the clock starts you do as many reps strict press (no help from the legs) as possible.

When the clock hits 20 seconds you will "rest" in the lockout position at the top.

Repeat this 8 times or for a total of 4 min.

For each rep you must touch the shoulder at the bottom and get completely locked out with the bar over your head at the top!

Keep the ribs down and fight the urge to overarch!