ALLLLL of the Skills AMRAP

30 Min AMRAP
(Quality over Speed Here Guys)

1 Muscle Up or Scale
2 Dips
3 Shoot Throughs
4 Strict Toes to Bar
5 Pistols (Per Leg)
10 Shoulder Taps (per hand) OR 10' Handstand Walk Unbroken

See below for a BUNCH of options

Score: Don't worry TOO much about this but enter how many total round you did.

Goal: QUALITY and challenge yourself!

For the muscle ups you can do bar or ring.  You can do strict or kipping.  You can also do banded, jumping, feet assisted.  You can even sub a burpee + jumping pull up if you want!

Make sure the main focus is the transition!  Strong pull, with hips leading.  Big pull over and through with a massive sit up action.

For the dips you may do ring, parallete, bar dips - whatever you can make happen.  You can even do a jump with a slow lower or use a band.  Keep the elbows going BACK and not OUT.  Get the shoulder lower than the elbow at the bottom.  Lock all of the way out at the top.

If you are unable to to a strict toe to bar you may sub strict knees up or even lying leg raises. Work to keep the legs straight on that and move through them slowly.

For the pistols or single leg squats you will do 5 on one side and then 5 on the other.  Keep the heel down - that is the most important part.  If you need to do these on the edge of a box or there are also some ways you can use a ball or band to give a LITTLE assistance!

If you are a handstand walk ninja feel free to add an up and over to the walk.  Work on getting 10' unbroken otherwise or sub against the wall shoulder taps.  For those it is 10 each hand!

MIranda AlcarazGymnastics