10 Rounds
12 KB/DB Deadlift
8 Sit Ups / Slam Balls
6 KB/DB Clean and Press

Idea Weight for Men: 35-55# Single DB or KB - OR 15-25# Pair of DBs

Idea Weight for Women: 12-24# Single DB or KB - OR 8-15# Pair of DBs

Score: Total Time

Goal:  Under 20 Min

For this workout you may use a single DB or KB, or you may use a pair of light dumbbells.

For the deadlifts if you are using a single kb or db - it will be performed from between the feet.  If you are using 2 you will have one in each hand just outside of the feet with a more narrow stance.

Either way you will want to make sure the heels are down, knees are bent and chest is lifted!  Belly tight.  To stand with the weight you will press through your heels and lift your chest.  Squeeze your butt and stand all of the way up.  If your back rounds due to flexibility - don't go all of the way to the ground.  If it round because the weight is too heavy - lower it down or lower the reps!

For the next part you will choose between sit ups or slam balls.  Slam balls are a great option for pregnant or postpartum mamas while they are avoiding the core movements.  If you don't have a slam ball you can also sub kb or db swings.

On the sit ups we would love to see you touch your shoulders at the bottom and come ALL of the way up and touch your toes if possible.  You may even use a band for assistance to come up if necessary.

For the KB/DB hang clean and press - again you can use a single KB/DB or a pair of DBs.

For the single it will be in BOTH hands and for the double - one in each hand.  You will start standing with the weight at your hips.  Dip slightly keeping chest up and heels down.  Don't allow the knees to cave in.  Stand up fast and rotate the hands around as the weight comes to the shoulders.  Try to think about using your legs and hips more than your arms.

Then simply keep the belly tight and press the weight all of the way to lock out over your head!

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