12 Min AMRAP
6 Squat
6 Lunge
6 Sit Up

No weight necessary today!  Just move!

Score: Total Completed Rounds + any Additional Reps

Goal: 10 Rounds!


For this workout you don't need any weight (unless you are a pregnant / postpartum mama subbing for sit ups).

For the squats the feet will be under the shoulders with the heels down.  Stand tall.  Raise the chest and tighten the belly.  Reach the butt back and down and drive your knees out and chest UP!  Keep moving down until your butt is lower than your knees at the bottom with no collapsing of the back, chest up, heels down, knees out!  Drive through the heels and lead with the chest to stand up!

If you tend to collapse in the back or knees when you go to that low position, work to not allow that to happen!  You may use a slightly higher target or assistance from a pole, chair etc if necessary to keep the position correct!

For the lunges you may do front stepping, reverse stepping, or even reverse lunges.  Make sure the step you take is long enough that the front heel stays down with the back knee GENTLY touches the ground.  If you are unable to go all of the way down for pain reasons - you may shorten these - but keep that front heel down!  You may hold onto something for assistance if necessary or sub step ups!

You will alternate legs on these lunges so for a set of 6 you end up doing 3 per side.

For the sit ups touch the ground behind your head at the bottom and come up and touch your toes at the top. You can do whatever you want with your feet/legs.

If you have a hard time coming all of the way up you may use some type of band for assistance.  If you are a pregnant/postpartum mama you may choose to sub KB swings or slam balls instead!