8 Rounds
8 KB Swings
4 KB Press
8 Lunges (alternating)

Idea weight for Men: 25-35#
Idea for Women: 12-25#

Score: Total Time

Goal: 12 Min or less!

For this workout you will use the same kettlebell or dumbbell for both the swings and the press.  You can also hold the dumbbell or kettlebell for the lunges if you want, but only if you can do them smoothly - without slamming down - and of course pain free!

For the kb or db swing you will hold the object with both hands.  Pick it up and hold it at the hip between the legs.  Keep the heels down and chest up as you hinge forward slightly and bend the knees.  Keep the arms long and straight.  Stand up hard and fast and use the power from your lower body to elevate the weight.  Use your arms as ropes, basically, to guide the weight up to eye level.  Allow gravity to bring the weight back down.  Keep those heels up and chest up!

For the press you will once again hold one dumbbell or kb in both hands.  Start with it at the chest/shoulders.  Keep the belly tight and press it straight up overhead - locking out with the biceps by the ears!

For the lunges you will put the weight down (or hold it if you are super beast).  Alternate your feet with each step.  So for 8 reps you end up doing 4 per side.  YOu may do forward stepping, backward stepping, or even walking lunges.  Make sure you take a long enough step that your front heel stays down when your back knee LIGHTLY touches.  Stand all of the way up between reps.

If you are unable to do lunges for injury or mobility reasons - sub alternating step ups!!!