12 Min AMRAP
(As Many Rounds and Reps as Possible in 12 Min)
5 Ring/TRX Band Rows
10 Single Unders or Low Step Ups

If no rings - sub kettlebell swings for the rows

Score is total rounds plus any additional reps.

Goal: 10 Rounds +

For the ring or TRX rows keep in mind that the more parallel your body is to the ground the more difficult they are.  We encourage you to find an angle that allows you to get sets of 5 but is a challenge.  If you end up having to break into like 3-2 at some point that is better than if you BREEZE through all 5 super easy each time.

For these reps you will keep a straight body/butt squeezed/tight belly position.  No using the hips to help in the pull.  Each rep starts with a straight arm at the bottom and ends in a full pull to the chest with the rings or trx bands making contact with the chest.  When you pull - pull the elbows BACK - not out.  Think of pinching a pencil between your shoulder blades when you pull.

If you do not have bands or rings you will sub a kettlebell swing to eye height.  Keep the chest up and back flat.

You may choose to do single under jump ropes or low step ups - alternating.  If you do the step ups each step up and down counts as one rep.  Choose a height that allows you to move through those reps in about 20 seconds or so each time.