TUESDAY 10.23.18

For Time

40 Devil Press
40 Lungesters

See Part 2 for Extra Credit!

RX Men: 40# Dumbbells
RX Women: 25# Dumbbells

RX + Men: 50# Dumbbells
RX + Women: 35# Dumbbells

Score: Total Time

Goal: Under 15 MinGuys blame Kim for this one.  She wanted to do something gnarly on her 40th birthday so here it is.  She actually added the extra credit part below - so you can do that part if you want to, but we want you to do this first part for time.  Then do that after if you do that.

Make sure you choose the right weight for this.  40 in a row of either one of these movements is going to be pretty rough.  If you go too heavy you will end up slowing down A LOT.  We would rather see you closer to 10-13 min at a lighter weight than 20 min with the heavy weight.  Feel free to lower it even more or sub a burpee + kb swing and single kb/db lungesters!

For the devil press the dumbbells will start on the ground.  You will place your hands on the dumbbells.  Jump or step your feet back.  Get your chest and thighs to the ground with hands still on the dumbbells.  Press up and jump or step your feet in.  With the dumbbells on the inside of the feet and legs and the heels down, make sure your knees are bent, and chest is lifted.

Pick up the dumbbells by lifting the chest and digging the heels into the ground.  Stand up hard and fast.  Once you finish with the legs and hips you will shrug the shoulders and then perform kind of a combo, swing, double dumbbell snatch/clean and jerk (no pause at the shoulder).  Keep the dumbbells close to the body as you guide them up and then press to lock out with the biceps by the ears.

When lowering the dumbbells keep the heels down and chest lifted!  No sloppy lowering!

For the lungester the dumbbells will be at the shoulders.  You will complete a reverse lunge with the right, a reverse lunge with the left, and then a thruster (front squat + press).

For the lunges make sure you take a long enough step backward that you can keep your front heel down when the back knee GENTLY touches the ground. For the thruster keep heels down, knees out, chest up in the squat.  Stand up hard and fast and finish with a press to lock out!

Metcon (Time)


40 Renegade Rows

Push Up + Row Right + Row Left = 1 Rep

Use the same weight you used for the main workout.Keep the belly tight and avoid rotating too much or allowing the hips to get too high!

This is TOTALLY optional and should not be performed until you have finished the first part and recovered a bit.


For Time

60 Plate Burpees
40 Lungesters

RX Men: 45# Plate / 75# Lungesters
RX Women: 25# Plate / 55# Lungesters

RX + Men: 45# Plate / 95# + Lungesters
RX + Women: 25# Plate/ 65# + Lungesters

Score: Total Time

Goal: Under 15 Min

(For this version we added some extra reps to the plate burpee since it's not as heavy as the devil press)


For Time

40 Burpee + Sandbag/Ball Toss
40 Sandbag/Ball Lungesters

See Part 2 for Extra Credit (will need dumbbells for this part)!

No RX or RX + for this one.  Use what you've got!

Score: Total Time

Goal: Under 15 Min