POWER 10.21.18

Deadlift (4 x 7)

7 is a tricky number.  You won't be able to go as heavy as 5 - but how close can you get?!

Start with something you know you can do - and go up each set if you are still moving safely and feeling good.  If you get to a sticky spot - stay there (as long as you are moving well) or lower the weight.

For the deadlift the bar starts on the ground.  Feet are roughly under the hips - no wider than the shoulders.  Heels are down and hands are outside of the legs.  There should be a bend in the knee and a hinge at the hips so that the chest is over the bar - but stays lifted with a nice flat back position and belly tight.

To lift the bar you will drive the heels into the ground and lift the chest.  Pull the bar into the body and keep it close the entire time.  Once past the knees think about squeezing the butt to stand up.

To lower the weight reach the butt back.  Keep the bar close to the body, heels down and chest lifted.  Do not get sloppy putting the bar down and no bouncing at the bottom!

If at any point you can't keep the back flat and chest lifted - drop the bar and either re-set or lower the weight.

Rest as needed between sets.

Metcon (AMRAP - Reps)


Sets of 3+ Bent Over Rows

Score is total Bent Over Rows - MUST be in sets of 3 or more.

Idea weight Men: 135#+
Idea weight Women: 95#+For this you will always do sets of 3 or more.  Pick a weight that will allow to get at least 30 reps - but not so light that you are doing sets of 10 no problem.

You will deadlift the bar to just below the knee.  From here, keeping the torso position set and the chest lifted - you will pull the elbows back and bring the bar to just below the chest.  Keep the belly tight.  Bring the bar back to just below the knee with the arm straight at the bottom.  No kipping or pulling your CHEST down!

MIranda AlcarazPower