12 Min AMRAP
8 Step Ups (Alternating)
8 Ring/TRX Rows or Upright Rows

(If you have rings or TRX Bands do the rows)

No weight necessary today!

Score: Total number of completed rounds + any additional reps.

For this workout you will find something to step up on that is roughly 14-20" if possible.  If that height is not comfortable for you or painful at all - you may lower it to something more manageable.  You can step on a box, bench, stack of plates, a cooler - anything that is around that height and sturdy enough to step up on.  If you absolutely have nothing that works - you may sub alternating lunges.

For the step ups you will put your whole foot on the step.  Make sure you don't allow the knee to collapse in and drive off of the heel to stand all of the way up.  Bring both feet up and then bring both feet down, alternating which is the working foot at the bottom.  It is 8 reps alternating so you end up doing 4 per side per round.

For the ring or trx rows the more parallel your body is to the ground the more difficult this will be.  Find an angle that challenges you, but that you don't have to break more than once per set.

Make sure you start with a straight arm and pull all of the way to your chest each time.

If you don't have rings, trx bands or anything that you can do an upper body pull with - you may sub upright rows with light dumbbells or a kettlebell!