The original version of this workout was posted on January 10, 2018!  If you want to re-test it to see how you did - that's awesome!

Street Parking SHIFT is posted every Mon-Wed-Fri.  This program is a scaled version of the main programming.  These workouts are great for those who are new, overcoming injury, pregnant/postpartum, even your KIDS!


Each Round is
6 Dumbbell Hang Clean and Press
6 Burpees
6 Dumbbell Hang Clean and Press
6 Burpees
Rest 1 Minute

Weight Idea for Men: 25-35# Dumbbells
Weight Idea for Women: 10-20# Dumbbells

See below for other options!

Score is total time including rest.


For the dumbbell clean and press you hold the dumbbells at the hips.  Do a small dip - shrug the shoulders then pull the dumbbells up to the shoulders.  From there you will press the dumbbells overhead.

Other options if you don't have the right dumbbells are a 2 hand kb clean and press. Or you can do this movement with a medicine ball!

For the burpees - you may choose from a regular burpee with either a step back - or jump back.  You can go to the knees for the push up portion if you do this.  Or if needed, you can take out the push up completely for a no push up burpee.