Technique - Rowing

Not all of you have access to a rower, but a lot of these mistakes are also made one a deadlift, sumo deadlift high pull, and a clean!

Proper path is a strong leg drive through the heels, followed by the shoulders/back, and then the arms. This allows the chain to travel in a straight line and to really create as much power with the legs and glutes as possible.

On the return, it should be smooth and slower than the pull. Return with arms, then hips and legs. Fast pull. Slow return.

Avoid bending the knees before straightening the arms on the return. This will cause you to go around the knees.

Avoid staying too leaned back. You want as long a pull as possible and you want to be in a position that is similar to the bottom of a deadlift.

Keep the belly and back tight and solid.

Beware of pulling early with the arms. This is too much work for the smaller muscles of the upper body and will decrease how much of your leg drive you actually use.

For distance - rowers will tell you around a 5 damper setting is most similar to being in the water. This will keep a smooth pace.

For calories, you will go up a little bit to get a harder, stronger, pull which will tick away calories specifically a bit quicker - based on how the machine reads it.

TechniqueNathan Lundie