SANDBAG | WEEK 41 | 10/06/2019


18 Min AMRAP
(As Many Rounds and Reps as Possible in 18 Min)

1 Sandbag Sumo High Pull
1 Sandbag Sit Up
1 Sandbag Seated Press
2 Sandbag Sumo High Pull
2 Sandbag Sit Up
2 Sandbag Seated Press
3 Sandbag Sumo High Pull
3 Sandbag Sit up
3 Sandbag Seated Press...

Keep adding 1 rep per movement and see how far you can get in 18 min!

Ideal Sandbag Weights:
Men: 50-70#
Women: 25-45#

Score: Total Reps (This will require math at the end....challenge accepted!)
Goal: 165 Reps + (This is through the round of 10-10-10)

The first few rounds might feel easy. But don't be fooled, it gets juicy quick! Try to figure out the pace you would like to have around the 7th and 8th rounds, start with that pace, and do everything you can to maintain.

For the sumo deadlift high pulls you will have a wide stance with the feet. Hands on the narrow handle.

Sandbag will start on the ground . Your heels should be down, knees out, chest over the sandbagt, arms straight, knees bent. You will stand hard and fast with the arms straight, add a shoulder shrug, then the elbows will come high and outside. Keep the shoulders pulled back throughout. Bring the handle or handles of the sandbag to the chest.

To return think arms, shoulders, hips then knees. Keep the back FLAT on the way down.

You can do anything you want with your feet in the sit ups, just keep them in contact with the ground. Hold the sandbag between your forearms and chest so that when you sit up it is resting on your biceps. Of course - if you have a really heavy sandbag you may need to switch to a lighter dumbbell or plate.

If weighted situps aren't happening do regular situps without the weight.

For the seated press, sit up tall with a neutral spine. Chest up, ribcage down. Start with the bag on your shoulders/biceps, elbows high. Keep your belly tight as you press the bag straight up overhead. Lock out your arms at the top with biceps by the ears.