SANDBAG | WEEK 40 | 09/29/2019


160 Sandbag Lunges
Every 2 Min:
200 M Burden Run

Rest 2 min

60 Push Up Drag
Every 2 Min
200m run

Ideal Sandbag Weights:
Men: 50-70#
Women: 30-45#

Score: Total Time
Goal Time: 25 min

Workout Flow:
Run 200 Meters (Carry Sandbag if you can keep good pace - that is burden run). For the rest of the time you have up to 2 min - do as many lunges as you can. When the clock hits 2 min - another run/burden run. Come back in - lunges until 4:00.

Keep repeating until you complete 160 lunges.

Rest 2 Min

Repeat the same idea with the sand bag push up + drag. (60 Reps total)Don't fall into the vortex! Try to give yourself a least a minute to work between runs!!

For the lunges clean and jerk the sandbag onto your back rack so it's on your shoulders with your hands holding it on both sides.

You may choose from forward stepping, reverse, or even walking lunges. You will alternate legs so for the set of 60 - it's 30 per. Drive off of the heel and don't allow the knees to cave.

We like the reverse lunge because the working leg stays planted so you end up being able to drive through the heel really well. You will step back and keep the heel down. Don't allow the knee to cave in. GENTLY touch the ground with the leg (knee) you stepped back with. Then drive off of the front foot (heel) to bring you back to standing. Switch legs for the next rep.

For the burden run, this should take at the most 1:20 seconds. Any longer than that and just do an unweighted run or shorten the distance.

You should have the bag in the correct position on your shoulders, it is the same as for your lunges.

As you run, keep your chest up and eyes forward. Take smaller steps to reduce the impact on your knees and back.

For the push up and lateral drag, start
in a plank position with your bag just to the outside your right hand. First do a push up, then
with your left hand you will reach under and across and drag the bag to the left side of our body.

Keep the belly tight and butt down. Do another push up then reach under and across with your right hand and drag the bag back to the right side of your body. If you can't quite get the bag all the way across a little plank side step so you can start the next pull in a good position. One push up + on drag = 1 rep.

For the 200m run, you're working with less than a minute. Shorten the distance if needed. If unable to run due to space or weather purposes - 45 seconds of doubles/singles/low step ups/Mtn Climbers/taps to a low target.