OLY | WEEK 35 | 08/25/2019


Clean and Jerk (7 x 2 (Build Every 2 Min))

You will hit 2 reps every 2 min. These can be singles or strung together. If you do singles it MUST be a quick re-set and go.

Start with a weight that you are confident in, but is moderately heavy, add weight each time. If you miss - repeat that weight for the next set.

For the clean you may do a power clean or a squat clean. You may even do power until you have to squat etc.

For the clean you will start with the bar on the ground with the feet under the hips. Keep the heels down, bend the knees slightly, hands are just outside of your legs. There is a hinge at the hips, but keep the chest lifted. Keep the belly tight and the bar close. Lift the bar from the ground by digging the heels in and lifting the chest. Pull the bar in close to the body. Once past the knees you will pick up speed. Finish UP hard and strong - shrug the shoulders - and then as you pull the bar up - pull YOURSELF down into either a partial squat or a full squat. Elbows come around and through quickly so the bar lands on the shoulder.

The feet will move out - but no wider than your squat stance. Make sure you drive your knees out in the catch.

For these reps - it should get to the point where you are unable to completely feed the jerk from that catch position.

So stand up out of the clean catch. Re-set the feet to under the hips - then perform the jerk.

Jerk may be power or split.

Dip by bending the knees, keeping the heels down, knees forward/out, chest up. Stand up hard and fast. Drive the bar UP as you press YOURSELF DOWN. Either into the power or split position.

Keep the belly tight and the bar over the middle of the body as you stand completely!

4 x 8-12 Reps
Glute Hamstring Raise (Unweighted)
Barbell Good Morning

Score is listed as weight - this is for Good Morning option only.

For the GHRs you will do these on a GHD. Make sure that your hamstrings are super warm before you attempt these, and if this is your first time with these - maybe place a box or a friend to assist you from the bottom. (See demo)

These are like a MASSIVE hamstring curl and are pretty hard! Keep a straight body, hip open position. Fight breaking at the hip to help you come up.

If you are doing Good Mornings the bar is on your back. You will keep the knees pretty straight, heels down, chest up, belly tight.

Hinge at the hip and if flexibility permits go down to 90 degrees. Squeeze the butt to stand up. If you start to round the back because you lack mobility in the hamstrings, allow for a bit bigger bend in the knees.