4 Rounds

10 Good Mornings
20 No Touch Sumo Deadlifts

Not really for time or anything. But go right from the Good Mornings into the Sumo Deadlifts. Rest as needed between sets.

NO RX Weight. Guys try between 95-155 - Girls try 65-95 - all depending on ability to move well and do sets pretty unbroken.For the Good Mornings the bar will be on your back (like for a back squat). You will start standing completely and then you will reach the butt back as the chest and torso reach forward. Focus is on maintaining a rigid spine and flat back position. Knees can bend slightly. If flexibility and strength allows you will go to 90 degrees.

Squeeze the cheeks to stand up!

For the no touch sumo deadlifts you will have a stance that is slightly wider than your squat stance. You will deadlift the bar from the ground for the first rep and then you will reach the butt back, allow the knees to bend slightly as you push them out, and hinge forward from the hip. Keep the bar in contact with your body and stop JUST before the plates touch the ground.


5 Rounds
30 Seconds Plank Up Downs
30 Seconds Hollow Rock
30 Seconds Rest

For the plank up downs you will start on the elbows. You will come to the palm on one hand, then the other until you are basically at the top of a push up. Then you will lower to one elbow and then the other. Alternate which hand/elbow goes first each time.

For the hollow rocks you will put the feet out with the legs as straight as possible and the hands above the head with the biceps by the ears. (All while laying down.) You will then draw the belly in and ribs down, pressing the lower back into the ground. From there you will use your abs and core to rock you back and forth, focusing on keeping your shoulders off of the ground and your lower back pressed into it.

Scale to knees in if necessary.


GOOD MORNINGS - This can be such a great movement for mamas! Focus on good posture, breathing mechanics, and midline stability. Feel free to use a band, lighter weight, or no weight at all.

PLANK UP DOWNS AND HOLLOW ROCKS - If you notice any coning in the plank or hollow positions or are working on healing DR, you can try subbing BF Functional Progression 1(you can always spice it up by making it banded or weighted!), FP 4 Holds or Bear Crawls would also be great here! You can also do an overhead plate hold or farmer carry and focus on your posture and breathing mechanics.