BUTTS & GUTS | WEEK 34 | 08/18/2019


Butts and Guts AMRAP

15 Min AMRAP
20 Stiff Legged Deadlift
10 Weighted Step Ups Right
10 Weighted Step Ups Left
20 Up and Over Crunches
20 Out and Back Crunches

RX Men: Deadlift 55# +, Step Up 40-55#
RX Women: Deadlift 35# +, Step Up 25-35#

Height - 16-24" (depending on how tall you are)For this one - I demo'd it with a kettlebell but you can replace the deadlifts with a bar if you want to - if you need to for weight or what have you. You can also hold a dumbbell while you do the step ups if you want to as well.

The goal is to treat this like an AMRAP though and the goal would be to get at least 4 rounds.

For the stiff legged deadlift - you need to keep the legs pretty straight with just a slight bend in the knee. Hinge from the hips and keep the back flat to grab the weight, then basically just squeeze your butt to stand up.

For the step ups you will hold either the dumbbell or kettlebell in one hand and step up with the opposite foot. Make sure your whole foot is on the box or whatever you are using to step up on. Do all 10 on one side before starting on the other.

For the up and over crunches - these may be done on the ground or on the edge of a bench or box. You will tap the ground on one side with the feet while leaning back - bring the knees up and over while also pulling the chest up and then back down on the other side.

The in and out crunches are just that. Feet and knees kick out straight (feet remain off of the ground) while you lower the shoulders. Feet and knees come in as shoulders come up!

If you are feeling it - you may add a small amount of weight between the feet for the abs movements!

Extra AB Work!

Plank Step Ups on Ball/Box
5 Rounds
:30 On
:30 Off

You will get into the top of a push up position with a ball, or stack of plates, or something right underneath your face.

You will walk your right hand onto the ball (stay pretty locked out) then your left. Then right hand down, and left hand down. Reverse the order for the next rep!

Do 30 seconds of constant motion, then 30 seconds rest. Repeat for 5 rounds.


STIFF LEGGED DEADLIFTS - This can be such a great movement for mamas! Focus on good posture, breathing mechanics, and midline stability. Feel free to use lighter weight, a slightly wider stance, or even sub a Banded Goodmorning.

WEIGHTED STEP UPS - If you have any round ligament or pubic symphysis pain or SPD focus on keeping your pelvis neutral and your hips level. You could always do lighter weight, smaller or shorter step/less range of motion. You can also try stepping laterally onto something instead of stepping forward and up, sometimes this helps create some control in managing the position of the pelvis. Option to sub: Single Leg Glute Bridge, Hip Thrusts, Air Squat, Goblet/DB Squat


SIT UPS - This movement puts A LOT of pressure on the core and pelvic floor. Please consider risk vs.reward when deciding if this movement is right for you. If you feel confident with your core and pelvic floor health you can always try fewer reps to notice and manage any symptoms. You can also SUB:BIRTHFIT Functional Progressions (see the Warm Up videos in the Member's Only website), Ball Slams, KB Swings, Palloff Press, BIRTHFIT Banded/Wallball Woodchop, Standing Cross Body Wallball Throws.