Part 1
4 Rounds

1 1/2 Split Squat Right - 8 Reps
1 1/2 Split Squat Left - 8 Reps
Single Leg Glute Bridge Right - 12 Reps
Single Leg Glute Bridge Left - 12 Reps
Alternating Right to Left then Left to Right Half V-UP- 16 Reps (8 per side)

Use Dumbbells or a bar for Split Squat and post that weight for your score.For the 1 1/2 Rep split squats the back leg will be elevated. You don't want it any higher than like a bench or a 20" box. You may go lower than that too, just a stack of plates is fine.

You will go all of the way down (butt lower than the knee) stand halfway up, then go all of the way down and stand all of the way up. That is 1 rep.

Make sure you have your front foot out far enough that you can drive off of that front heel and the weight isn't forced into the toe. These may be weighted with dumbbells, a barbell or may even be done with no weight.

For the single leg hip ups, lie in like a sit up position on the ground. Raise one leg straight and off of the ground. Squeeze the cheeks to get hips as high as you can. Come all of the way back down.

For these v-ups it will be right hand to left toe, then left hand to right toe. Alternate with each rep. You will do 8 per side per set.

Part 2
3 Rounds
30 Second Hollow Hold Right Knee Bent - Hands at Sides
Rest 1 Min
30 Second Hollow Hold Left Knee Bent - Hands at Sides
Rest 1 Min
30 Second Hollow Hold Arms Extended

Ouch. Cut down the holds to 20 seconds if you need to.



If you have any pubic symphysis pain or SPD focus on keeping your pelvis neutral and your hips level. You could always do lighter weight, lower the height for the back leg.
If you’re having a hard time with the balance, (especially good for preggo mamas who have a challenge with changing center of gravity!) feel free to keep both feet on the ground for a regular lunge or a split stance Romanian Deadlift. You could also try a glute bridge/hip thrust (single leg option is good too!).

LOVE this movement for mamas! However, if you're pregnant and uncomfortable lying on your back you can adjust to a hip thruster, good morning, single leg RDL, or even a DB Step Up.

For mamas trying to manage or heal any diastasis or pelvic floor dysfunction these movements can be very difficult to perform effectively. Feel free to sub any of the movements from the Core Functional Progressions (found in the Warm Ups section), or get creative and try the Overhead Plate or Farmer Carry Hold, Palloff Press, BIRTHFIT Dumbbell Windmill, or the BIRTHFIT Banded Woodchop.