BUTTS & GUTS | Week 27


Part 1:
4 Rounds
15 Single Leg Deadlift Right
15 Single Leg Deadlift Left
10 Shoot Thrus

Not really for time, but keep moving.For the single leg deadlift you will hold the dumbbell or kb in the opposite hand of the leg that will be working.

Fight not to twist. Allow a slight bend in the knee and touch either one head of the dumbbell or the bottom of the kb at the bottom. Keep the back flat and belly tight and squeeze the butt to stand up.

For the shoot thrus you will basically start in a push up position with your hands on parallettes, a stack of plates, benches - something like that. You will lift your knees up and swing your legs through until you have your legs straight and hip open in front of you. You will then shoot back through. That is one rep.

The closer you are to the ground - the harder these are. So scale if needed!

Part 2:
How far can you get in 5 min
1 KB Swing
2 Goblet Lunges
2 KB Swing
4 Goblet Lunges
3 KB Swing
6 Goblet Lunges

Keep going until 5 min.

Score is round of Swings you get through.

Swings should be Russian - just to eye level - not overhead.

RX Men: 55#
RX Women: 32#We do this swing lunge combo a lot because it's such a good one to build the glutes and hamstrings!

For the swing you will keep the back flat and hinge at the hips. Allow a slight bend of the knee and then squeeze the butt hard to stand. Bring the kb to eye level.

The goblet lunges will be a reverse lunge while holding the kb in the goblet position at the chest. You will perform one lunge per side each time.

Part 3
3 Rounds

Box or Bench Plank Reach Ups
1 Min on 1 Min off

Basically start in a push up position and reach one hand up onto a stack of plates, a box or a bench. Bring the other hand to join it, then back down one at a time.

The higher the reach the harder this is.

If you need to scale further you may just reach and tap with one hand then the other!