BUTTS & GUTS | Week 23

4 Rounds
Not For Time
10 Reverse Lunge Step Up Right
10 Reverse Lunge Step Up Left
1 Min Banded KB Side Step Alternating

Use weight that feels right for you and allows you to keep moving.  Men try 50-55# and Women around 35#.For the reverse lunge side step ups.  You will hold a KB or DB at the chest.  You will lunge backward, step in, then step up on a box or bench (whatever you can find) around 15-20" in height. For the right foot you will step back with the right and then step up with the right.

For both movements focus on driving off of the heel of the front leg or leg on the box.

You will do 1 min on one side of the box or bench and 1 min on the other.

For the banded side kb alternating side step, you will hold KB or DB in goblet position - reach butt back and bend the knees slightly. Step to the side, then stand.  Go back into partial squat, step the other way - stand.  Keep going for 1 min!

8 Min Alternating Tabata
20 Seconds of Love Taps
10 Sec Rest
20 Sec Weighted Sit Up
10 Sec Rest

Use 5-20# for weighted sit upsLove taps are where you sit on the ground with straight legs.  You will lift both legs (fighting to keep them straight) up and over something (like a KB).  Control the legs and just tap the heels on one side - then the other.

For the weighted sit ups you will touch the plate/dumbbell behind your head sit up and press it over head to lock out!