TUESDAY SHIFT 04/09/2019


Full Body Simple Warm UP!

5-10 reps of quality movement through each

10 Toe Touches
10 Boot Strappers
10 Inch Worm + Down Dog
10 Spider Man + Reach


15 Min EMOM
(Every Minute on the Minute for 15 Minutes)

5-7 Ring/TRX/Upright Rows
5-7 Plate Hops or Step Ups

(Both done in same minute - every minute for 15 min)

Score: Total Reps for the WHOLE workout (so if you do 5 and 5 that's 10 reps per minute x 15 min = 150 reps total)

Goal:  Choose a number of each that will be challenging but that you think you can manage for the entire time.  Don't be afraid to add or subtract reps in the minute as the workout goes on.


So the way this works is when the clock starts you will do between 5 and 7 ring/trx type supine rows or upright rows with your dumbbell(s) or KB.  When you complete those you will then do between 5-7 plate hops or chalk line hop overs or you may choose to do step ups.  BOTH of those things need to be done in about 45 seconds or so.  Then you rest until the clock says 1:00 and repeat.  Repeat at 2:00 and 3:00 and so on for 15 min.

Pick a number of each that you think will work and challenge you, but don't be afraid to add or subtract if you guessed wrong.

For the ring/trx type rows remember that the foot placement and how parallel your body is to the ground determines the level of difficulty.  To make these happen in the minute you probably only will have time to break maybe once.  Keep the body position straight and tight and start with straight arms pulled all of the way to the chest at the top.  You may also do a stretchy band pull down if needed or may sub an upright row with your dumbbell(s) or KB - see video.

For the second part you will choose from some sort of jump or hop either onto a plate or low riser or even over a chalk line or dumbbell - something like that.  For these we want you facing what you are jumping on or over.  Step off or back over the line for the next rep.

You may also choose to do a step up 12-20" or so depending on your comfort level. Choose a height that is difficult for that low number of reps.