FRIDAY SHIFT 06/28/2019


Simple SHIFT Warm Up

3 Rounds
20 Taps
10 Skip Overs
10 Toe Touches
3 No Push Up Inchworm
5 Push Up / Knee Push Up
2 Lunge with Twist Right
2 Lunge with Twist Left
10 Air Squats

Increase speed each round!


10 Rounds
10 KB/DB Deadlifts
2 Inchworms

Idea weight for Men: Single 35-55# KB/DB - or - pair of lighter dumbbells
Idea weight for Women: Single 12-30# DB/KB - or - pair of lighter dumbbells

Score: Time
Goal: Under 13 Min


For this one you will simply cycle through 10 deadlifts and 2 inchworms as many times as possible in 10 min!

For the deadlifts you can either have a single db/kb between the feet or a pair of lighter dumbbells outside the feet. If the weight is between the feet your feet will be about shoulder width apart and if using a pair of lighter dumbbells you will have your feet closer together.

The heels should be down, hinge at the hips and knees slightly bent. Keep the arms straight and keep the weight close to the body. Make sure the belly is tight and the chest is lifted. To lift - drive the heels through the ground, lift the chest, and squeeze the cheeks!

Make sure when you lower the weight that you don't allow the back to round. Reach the butt back and bend the knees while keeping the weight close and chest lifted.

For the inchworms you will start in a standing position. Place the hands down in front of the feet. Walk the hands out to a plank/top of push up position. You will then lower the chest to the ground keeping the belly tight! No sagging or snaking! Go to the knees if you need to. Focus on the elbows going back and not flaring out. Hands should be JUST wider than shoulder width apart. Press back up and then walk hands back to the feet and stand.

If necessary, you may remove the push up from the movement!