FRIDAY SHIFT 07/12/2019


Simple SHIFT Warm Up

3 Rounds
20 Taps
10 Skip Overs
10 Toe Touches
3 No Push Up Inchworm
5 Push Up / Knee Push Up
2 Lunge with Twist Right
2 Lunge with Twist Left
10 Air Squats

Increase speed each round!

Running Warm Up

In 50' Sections:
Up & Overs
Samson lunge
High knees
Toes in walk
Toes out walk
High skips


5 Rounds
1 Min Jog, Row, Bike, Taps, Mtn Climbers
1 Min Burpees
1 Min Step Ups
1 Min Rest

(This will take a total of 20 min!)

No weight needed today!!

Score: Total Reps of Burpees and Step Ups ONLY!
Goal: 125+


So for this workout you get to choose what you would like to do for the first minute. The goal is to find something you can move consistently at a moderately uncomfortable but sustainable pace. So you can jog, row, bike, do taps, or mountain climbers.

For the second minute each time you will do burpees! Place the hands on the ground - step or jump back - you can then go to the knees or do a regular push up. Either way the goal is for the hands to be just outside of the chest and the elbows to go back and stay pretty close to the body as opposed to flaring out.

Keep the belly tight and avoid sagging or snaking during the push up portion. Push back up to the top. Jump or step the feet in. Jump and clap at the top.

If you need to take out the push up for injury reasons - that's fine! You can even do elevated burpees.

Choose a style of burpee that will allow you to get around 8-10 per round!

For the step ups - these should be at a height that is challenging but will allow you to get 15-20 reps. Alternate feet with each step. Make sure your whole foot is on your step and drive through the heel to stand. Don't allow the knee to cave in.

Nothing to step up on? Try alternating lunges!

ONLY reps of burpees and step ups go toward your score!



To manage the added pressure to the pelvic floor that the impact from running can create, sub: Taps, SU, Row, Bike, Farmer Carry, Sled Push/Drag, Quick Step Ups. If you're postpartum and working towards rehab-ing your core and pelvic floor you can choose from the same subs for pregnancy and/or scaling the distance that you run so that you can focus on your posture, breathing mechanics, and managing the pressure of your core and pelvic floor.


If you have any pubic symphysis pain or SPD focus on keeping your pelvis neutral and your hips level. You could always do smaller or shorter step/less range of motion. You can also try stepping laterally onto a stack of plates or something instead of stepping forward and up, sometimes this helps create some control in managing the position of the pelvis. Option to sub: Single Leg Glute Bridge, Hip Thrusts, Air Squat, Goblet/DB Squat


No push up burpee, Elevated burpee, Step back/forward burpee, Air Squat + Elevated Push Up, Table Top (all fours position) + Air Squat, Ball Slams, KB Swings, Farmer/Goblet march, Glute Bridges, Sumo Deadlift High Pull