10 Min AMRAP
Burpee Step Ups

That's it!
You guys will crush this!

Score: Total Reps completed in 10 min
Goal: 50+

OH man - in SHIFT we don't often do a lot of reps of a single movement to allow you to keep moving. This one is going to get mental. Find a pace and move for 10 min!!

For this movement you will face whatever you plan to step up on. Choose something where the height is challenging but that you can comfortably step up AND down from.

You will perform any of the following types of burpees:

Step in and Out
Knee Push Ups
No Push Ups

Challenge yourself but keep the goal of 50 reps in mind.

For the step up make sure you place your whole foot on the step. Drive out of your heel to stand and work on not letting that working knee cave in.

Try to remember to alternate which foot you are using to step up each time or every few reps etc!

Good luck!


BURPEE STEP UP - Some good options to modify these would be: No push up burpees,Step back/forward burpee, or stepping up on to a lower height. If you are managing diastasis in pregnancy or early postpartum and notice and coning in the plank position of the burpee feel free to sub an Elevated Burpee (hands on box, step or hop feet back, modified/elevated push up, step/hop feet forward). Or you can try stepping back to a Table Top or High Bear Position without the push up. You could event do an elevated push up + air squat + step up.