5 Rounds

12 Shoulder Press
12 Alternating Hang Dumbbell Snatch
12 Plate Hops or Dumbbell Hop Overs

Rest 30 Seconds after each round

Idea weight for men: Single 30-50# KB/DB - or - pair of lighter dumbbells (for shoulder press)
Idea weight for women: Single 30-50# KB/DB - or - pair of lighter dumbbells (for shoulder press)

Score: Total Time (including rest)
Goal: Under 18 Min


DB SNATCH - You can always choose a lighter weight or go from the hang position. Pregnant mamas with a belly in the path of the bar should sub DBs so you're not training inefficient movement patters. If you're not comfortable going over head right now or find that you are coning during the movement you might want to try KB SWINGS.

BOX JUMP/JUMP/SKIP OVERS - This is going to be all about managing the impact and pressure to your core and pelvic floor. The SHIFT options for smaller Jump/Skip Overs or even Taps are good for helping you achieve the stimulus with a little less impact. You can ALWAYS substitute Step Ups if you want zero impact or even KB Swings if you want to get a little more explosive with your hips. For pregnant mamas, please remember that if you are unsure if you can complete the movement because of balance, strength, or coordination it may not be worth the risk of potentially falling or busting up your shins! For mamas further along in their Postpartum you can try a lower height of box to practice that two foot take off and landing without the extra impact. Focus on your breath and posture throughout the movement and do less reps if that helps you concentrate on good technique and awareness in your body.