12 Min AMRAP
(As Many Rounds and Reps as Possible in 12 Min)

2 Inchworm
8 Sit Up
16 Alternating Lunges

No weight needed today!

Score: Total Number of Completed Rounds + Any Additional Reps
Goal: 7 Rounds +

For this workout you will go through the cycle of 2 - 8 - 16 as many times as you can (with good form) in 12 min.

For the inchworms you will stand tall and then hinge at the hips to place the hands on the ground in front of the feet. From here walk your hands out to the top of a push up/plank position. You can either perform a push up from the toes or from the knees. Make sure you focus on keeping a tight torso position and that the elbows stay tucked in and back (not flared out). In the push up you will touch your chest to the ground then press back up. Walk the hands back to the feet and stand. That is 1 rep.

For the sit ups we would like to see you touch the ground behind you and come up and touch the toes at the top. We prefer this over a small crunch motion. If you need to use a small band or something for assistance that is ok. Make sure to show control.

If you are unable to do sit ups at this time you can sub a slam ball, dead bug, or other options for pregnant/postpartum mamas which can be found on the Members Only website.

For the lunges you may perform forward, reverse, or walking lunges. Make sure that you take a long enough step each time that the front heel stays down when the back knee touches the ground. Don't allow that front knee to cave in. Work to keep the torso upright. You will alternate feet with each step. So for each set of 16 lunges you end up doing 8 per leg.

If lunges cause issues for you - you may sub a step up or maybe even a single leg toe touch (like a single leg deadlift with no weight).


WEIGHTED/SIT UPS - This movement puts A LOT of pressure on the core and pelvic floor. Please consider risk vs.reward when deciding if this movement is right for you. If you feel confident with your core and pelvic floor health you can always try fewer reps to notice and manage any symptoms. You can also SUB:BIRTHFIT Functional Progressions (see the Warm Up videos in the Member's Only), Ball Slams, KB Swings, Palloff Press, BIRTHFIT Banded/Wallball Woodchop, Standing Cross Body Wallball Throws.

SHOULDER RACK/ALTERNATING LUNGES - If you have any pubic symphysis pain or SPD focus on keeping your pelvis neutral and your hips level. You could always do lighter weight, smaller step/less range of motion, or step up or forward instead of step back in the lunge lunge. You can hold the weight in the front rack or by your side like a farmer carry. You can also goblet squat try stepping laterally onto a stack of plates or something instead of stepping back or up, sometimes this helps create some control in managing the position of the pelvis. Feel free to sub a squat or goblet squat for the lunges.

INCHWORMS - If you notice any coning while performing Inchworms sub: BIRTHFIT bear crawls, BIRTHFIT Functional Progression 3, Overhead Plate Hold/March, DB Seated Press Strict Press, Elevated Push Up, Floor Press, BIRTHFIT Dumbbell Windmill (Visit the BF Youtube library for demos).