8 Rounds

12 KB/DB Deadlifts
3-4 Inchworms

Idea weight for Men: 35-55# Single KB/DB - or - pair of lighter dumbbells
Idea weight for Women: 12-25# Single KB/DB - or - pair of lighter dumbbells

Score: Total Time
Goal: 12 min or less!

For this workout you will do 8 total rounds of 12 deadlifts and either 3 or 4 inchworms. You choose the number of inchworms based on how proficient you are at them! There is no wrong choice - and you can always go up or down mid workout if you need to!

For the deadlifts you will either have a single weight between the feet or a pair of lighter weights held on the outside of the feet. Either way you will have your heels down, your knees bent, butt back, belly tight and chest lifted. The arms should be straight and the weight pulled back close to the body.

To lift the weight you will drive the heels into the ground as you lift the chest and finally squeeze the cheeks to bring you to a full standing position. Arms are always straight and torso stays rigid!

To lower reach the butt back, keep the belly tight and chest lifted. As you start to lower you can bend the knees slightly and touch the weight to the ground at the bottom.

Avoid any rounding of the back! Keep the belly tight and allow the knees too bend!

For the inchworms you will start in a fully standing position. You will place the hands on the ground in front of you. From there you will walk the hands away from the feet and come to a plank (top of a push up) position. From here you will perform a push up - lowering to your knees if necessary! Press back up and walk your hands back to your feet. Then stand.

You may take the push up out if necessary. You may also lower the number to 2 or even 1 rep if you need to!


STAGGERED STANCE DEADLIFT - This can be a great movement for Mamas but if the shape of the belly, unsteady balance, or pubic symphisis is making the movement uncomfortable or painful, you might want to try the Shift programming with KB/DB Deadlifts and/or any of those modifications.

WALLWALKS - Please measure risk vs. reward when considering if you can/should perform this movement. If you are unable to maintain midline stability and proper breathing mechanics throughout the duration of the entire movement please sub: Inchworms, Box/Pike Walk outs, Shoulder Taps

KB/DB Deadlift - If you’re pregnant and the shape of your belly is making reaching the floor difficult or if you're postpartum and managing core rehab through practice of proper posture, sub: Sumo Stance KB/DB Deadlift or elevate the DBs/KB so its not so low to the ground when you pick it up. If you are working on healing any pelvic floor dysfunction make sure you are able to breathe properly throughout the entire range of motion and that you are not bracing or bearing down.

INCHWORMS - If you notice any coning while performing Inchworms sub: BIRTHFIT bear crawls, BIRTHFIT Functional Progression 3, Overhead Plate Hold/March, DB Seated Press, Strict Press, Elevated Push Up, Floor Press, BIRTHFIT Dumbbell Windmill