8 Rounds

20 Single Unders, Plate Hops, or Chalk Line Hop Overs
7 Sit Ups or KB Swing
10 Shoulder Press

Idea weight for Men: 30-55# Single DB/KB or pair of lighter dumbbells
Idea weight for Women: 15-30# Single DB/KB or pair of lighter dumbbells

Score: Total Time
Goal: Under 14 Min

For the first part you can do single under jump ropes, plate hops, or a chalk line lateral hop or skip over. If you absolutely can't jump you can also do a low step up.

For the sit ups we would love to see you come ALL of the way up at the top and touch the ground behind you at the bottom. You can even use a band or a towel for assistance. Show control if you do that.

If you are unable to do sit ups you may sub dead bugs or if you need to swap it completely KB Swings to eye level.

For the press you may use a single KB/DB or a pair of them. You will start at either the chest or the shoulders and press the weight all of the way overhead. Keep the belly tight and finish with the biceps by the ears!


Double/Single Unders/Plate Hops, or Chalk Line Hop Overs - To avoid the added pressure to the pelvic floor that jumping can create, sub: Skip Overs, Taps, Row, Bike, Quick Step Ups, Calf Raises. If you're postpartum and working towards rehab-ing your core and pelvic floor you can choose from the same subs for pregnancy and/or scaling the number of DUs/SUs down to a number that is realistic for your to practice proper positioning and pressure. Any leaking or heaviness in the pelvic floor is a sign that you need to adapt your approach or change the movement to less impact.

DB SHOULDER TO OVERHEAD/ SHOULDER PRESS - Focus on proper alignment of your pelvis and spine. If you find yourself over extending in your back or coning in your belly sub less weight, Strict Press, Seated Strict Press, or even Front Raises.

KB SWING - If you notice and coning or pulling in the overhead position of the swing, sub shoulder height or eye level swings and focus on posture and breathing mechanics. If the shape of your body (preggo bellies!) is making the bottom position a little too tight for comfort, you can sub a single arm swing!